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The Dalmatian coat is beautiful with its colored spots on a sparkling white background, and it doesn’t take much effort to keep it in good condition. Periodic baths and weekly brushing with a horsehair mitten or rubber curry comb to remove dead hairs will keep Dahl looking his best.

His nails should be trimmed at least once a month. Since his ears are drooping, they should be checked regularly – your breeder and your veterinarian can advise on a good regimen and cleaners, and show you how to care for them.

All Dalmatians need regular exercise to stay fit and happy.

This exercise may include chasing a ball thrown through the backyard, running with the owner on a bike or jogging, or taking a long walk through the woods.

Since the bones and joints of the puppy do not reach their mature strength until the age of two, be careful not to train the dog vigorously before. Dalmatians can be very energetic dogs and can easily get themselves into trouble if they don’t have enough room for physical and mental exercise.

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